By Kristen Ciccolini, Good Witch Kitchen

For Episode 31 of The Lunar Body Podcast


Give rise to your intentions.

With some no-knead bread. It’s SO EASY, I promise! I use this recipe from TikTok (and have made it with gluten-free flour if you’re wondering!).

Feel free to add herbs or other flavors to support the purpose of your ritual.

Whisk in your intentions, watch them rise as the yeast leavens the dough, and bake the crustiest, most delicious loaf that you can enjoy while you visualize your dreams coming to life.



Break out of your shell.

Feeling some resistance to the social, communal vibe of the full moon? Think about the hidden parts of you that are ready to break out of their shell.

If eggs are part of your diet, paint symbols/a sigil/words of what you’re calling in on the shell. You can use color magic and paint the shell the color you are trying to embody. Make this a moment. Be present with your art and your intention as you’re drawing it out, handling the egg carefully.

The egg can be boiled before or after, or cook it another way, depending on how the cooking process fits with your intention.

Maybe you’re intending to build up strength, so you go with a boiled egg. Maybe you’re breaking away from something that isn’t serving you, so you crack it open into a frying pan. Whichever way you decide, take time as you cook to continue thinking about your intention, and eat with the goal of manifesting your intention over the next lunar cycle.

You can save the shell if you like, too. Try to crack it cleanly, and rinse out the shell. Boil for 10 minutes to keep it sanitary. Drain and peel out the membrane. Let dry completely (either on low in the oven or on a paper towel overnight). Crush with a mortar and pestle or grind it in a spice grinder. You can add it to smoothies (high in calcium!) or use in other spells you want to cast around your intentions. (Also, outside of this ritual, egg shell powder is great for your plants too!)


Chocolate fudge for self-compassion.

As energy wanes, we can be a bit hard on ourselves. It might be frustrating if we don’t have the energy to do all the things we want or need to do. Head to the kitchen and whip up a batch of cinnamon-rose cacao fudge for self-compassion. If you are in the luteal phase of your cycle, the magnesium in the cacao powder can help with tense cramping, and can help elevate your mood, too.